Review: Broad Bean Burgers

We really enjoyed these fava burgers for lunch today. The recipe comes from Maria, a Finnish girl living in Sydney, who created the Scandi Foodie Blog. It is not a vegetarian blog but there are some very nice recipes that can be adapted.

Fava Burgers

This recipe made delicious burgers. We did a few adaptations in order to veganize the recipe. We used “No-Egg” egg replacement, and rather than rice crumbs we used bread crumbs. The rice crumbs would be good for those who have gluten intolerance, however they are not to be found here in Holland. So we used regular dried bread crumbs. We really enjoy fava beans (broad beans), and are aware of the amazing health benefits from favas. In fact, we are so fond of them we grow a lot of our own garden. Our favorite are the ones that have bright green beans. This recipe was very easy to make and was particularly nice with a squeeze of lime or lemon. I hope you try them and enjoy.

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  1. Broad Bean Burgers it looks delicious! This food is good for those living in gluten – free. But it needs many recipes to make. Thanks to you Maria.

  2. Chris says:

    Hi Gluten Intolerance,
    These are really nice burgers. Brad beans are great. We really enjoy their flavor, and appreciate having them. I’m sorry t read that you are gluten intolerant, I can understand how difficult it must be, and how you must continue searching fr good recipes that you enjoy and will not make you ill. I will try to make more gluten free. I am not able to get xanthan gum here. It is what is commonly used to facilitate baking without wheat. But maybe I can get it in the future. I will keep looking, as you ar not alone with this problem. Good luck to you.

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