Review: Sweet Carrot Pie with Chocolate Sauce (vegan)

What a delicious treat this was! It is one of the many recipes we’ve cooked and enjoyed from Joahua Ploeg’s adventure cookbook called ‘In search of The Lost Taste‘.

Sweet Carrot Pie with Chocolate Sauce

I had never heard of sweet carrot pie before, and have been looking forward to making it for a long time. It used fresh, grated carrots and vegan ingredients to make a custard. The pie crust was delicious, using coconut and, instead of pecans, we used almonds. We made the chocolate sauce from scratch as chocolate sauce is very easy to make from cocoa and a bit of sugar and water. In search of The Lost Taste is a really fun adventure book as well as packed with great recipes. Joshua is indeed a gifted and creative chef.

2 responses to “Review: Sweet Carrot Pie with Chocolate Sauce (vegan)”

  1. Yvonne says:

    Oh! To me this looks so much more atractive than the usual carrot cake!
    A coconut-almond (or pecan) crust with inside a filling of custard with grated carrots – I’ve never seen a recipe like this and I’ve never seen this book.
    Unfortunately I can’t find the recipe when I tried to google it; did you use vegan margarine to make the crust, or oil – it looks so thin and crusty?!

  2. mike says:

    This is new to me as well … I first thought it said sweet potato, but carrot? I’m interested to try this.

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