These scones are dillies! There is just a mild hint of dill in the scones that is also reflected in the spread. Lovely and light for a Sunday morning breakfast.

Dill scones with horseradish soy yogurt

Yield: 15-18


  • 300 grams flour
  • 2 tbs. baking powder
  • 50 grams soy margarine, softened
  • 2 egg replacement
  • pinch salt
  • 1/2 cup spy milk
  • 3 tbs. dill , finely chopped
  • for the spread
  • 1/2 cup soy yogurt (plain)
  • 2 tsp. horseradish
  • 1 tsp. corn syrup
  • 2 tbs. dill , finely chopped
  • salt and pepper to taste


  1. Preheat the oven to 375°F / 190°C.
  2. Sieve the flour, salt and baking powder together.
  3. Mix the soy milk and egg replacement together.
  4. Add the chopped dill to the soy milk mixture.
  5. Add the wet ingredients to the dry and the soft margarine and mix well.
  6. Turn the dough out onto a floured surface and kneed until it is a soft supple dough.
  7. Roll the dough out until about 1/2-3/4 inch thick.
  8. Using a round cookie cutter or a small glass, cut out 15-18 round forms.
  9. Place the scones on a cookie sheet with baking parchment and bake on the middle shelf for 15-20 minutes or until golden brown.

Horseradish soy yogurt:

  1. Meanwhile, mix the horseradish with the yogurt.
  2. Add salt and pepper and a dash of corn syrup.
  3. Season to taste with salt and pepper.


They taste best fresh out of the oven.