This is the first year we have grown parsley root in our garden and we are looking forward to growing more next season. It is an easy vegetable to grow. It’s rather like carrots in a way as it needs to be thinned out. It has a mild parsley like flavor and is very white, looking like a parsnip in a way.

Root parsley

Asha of the fork spoon knife blog has developed a delicious soup using parsley root and apples. The soup was really delicious.

Roasted Parsley Root and Apples Soup

Ours was darker and more colorful than the one in her photo, but it tasted wonderful. It’s rather hard to detect the flavor of the parsley root because of the other seasonings and garlic, but that really didn’t matter as it was such a nice soup. We hope you try this forgotten vegetable as it is well worth the effort to use.

Recipe: Winter Soup: Roast Parsley Root and Lady Apples