No bake Strawberry lime pie

This recipe for “No bake Strawberry lime pie” is really delicious. Heikki and Anni of Tofu for Two created it and posted in February. I have been anxiously waiting for summer, when our strawberries ripen to make this lovely looking dessert, and last Saturday was the day finally! This is delicious. What makes it really nice is the limes, don’t use lemons – limes give it a lovely flavor. I used Soyatoo for the “cream sauce” and regular plain soy yogurt.
Unfortunately, it did not set to become solid. I did use extra agar agar, however I think I had more filling than Heikki and Anni. I will work on tweaking this a bit more, maybe a little more agar agar, and fresh strawberries, not frozen. I did use my fresh strawberries, but had added the sugar to them before, which drew out a lot of liquid, therefor it was more liquid than if I had just pureed the fresh strawberries. It’s really worth trying as the mixture of the lime with strawberry is super.

Anni’s directions are great, and the pie is really special. Do give it a try.