Today I received new shoes from Ethical Wares. Most of my vegan shoes are not water proof, so when it is raining I have been wearing my walking boots lately, which are not quiet office compatible (I have a day time job at a software company). So I ordered the Chukka Boots (currently with a reduced price) and together with them Motion Boots. The Motion Boots didn’t look water proof, but in order to reduce shipping costs, it seemed like a good idea to get them now, even if I won’t be able to use them much until spring 2009. As the Motion Boots were not directly available I changed to order to the black Motion Shoes.

It was a dry day in Holland, so I directly tried out the Motion Shoes. They are comfortable light shoes, which fit very well. The shoes remind me a bit of my Spider XT shoes from Vegetarian Shoes. The Spider XT is a great shoe but the rubber of the sole is quiet soft and wears off quickly (as happening with most of my Vegetarian Shoes). I am curios how long the sole of the Motion Shoes will last. These shoes are made in Italy, so they are sweat shop free and haven’t been shipped across the globe.

The Chukka Boots, which are made in the UK, were a bit more ‘booty’ than I expected. Compared to my 11 months old Ranger Walking Boots they even look more massive. I commute to work with public transport and still have to walk quiet a bit. Typical office shoes are too uncomfortable, so I will stick to these boots.