In memory of Dr. Carole Noon

Dr. Carole NoonDr. Carole Noon, the founder and director of Save the Chimps passed away on Saturday, May 2. She died peacefully in her sleep near the Save the Chimps Sanctuary, where she was able to see and hear her beloved chimpanzees.

Save The Chimps is a non-profit organization that runs a ‘retirement home’ for more than 280 chimps rescued or retired from biomedical research, the entertainment industry, or the pet trade.

In 1998 I had the honor to get to know Carole, and created the initial web-site for Save The Chimps. I continued working as their web-master until we moved to the Netherlands in October 2000. Carole was a great inspiration for me, and it is wonderful to see what she has achieved in the past 11 years. Her dream became reality, she won legal battles, and was able to rescue not only the former Air Force ‘space chimps‘, but all chimpanzees from the horrific Coulston laboratories in New Mexico.

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Let’s help to realize her dream! Many chimpanzees still live at the former labs in New Mexico, and are looking forward to start a new joyful live in the permanent sanctuary in Florida. The project ‘Great Chimp Migration‘ costs $2500 per chimpanzee. As Vegalicious we started a Save The Chimps 2009 fundraiser. Our ambitious goal is to collect $25,000, so that at least 10 more chimpanzees can make the trip to Florida. Please consider a donation and help Save The Chimps!

Below you can watch a video profile of Save The Chimps including interviews with Dr. Carole Noon:

Part 2 of the video