We recently found the recipe on a blog that specializes in original Greek recipes. The recipe is a really delicious and colorful salad. After enjoying it for lunch, we added some chopped walnuts to the salad which also really tasted nice and added some crunch to the salad.

Black-eyed beans and roasted beetroots salad

We did change the cooking method however. We try to avoid using aluminum foil as much as possible. So we roasted the onions and beets in a covered baking dish rather than wrapped in foil. It is also possible to use caned or jarred balck-eyed peas therefor saving time in preparation.

The combination of the beets with the balck-eyed beans is very nice and the mint and parsley make it perfect. It is much more flavorful after a few hours when the flavors meld together, however, the black-eyed beans then become rather pink from the beets. We really did enjoy the recipe and we are looking forward to having it again. Over the summer, we will be growing yellow beets which would also be nice with this recipe.