There are a couple of meals that are very hearty hot meals for a cold rainy day. In Germany and Holland there are many of these days from mid-October to mid-May. These meals do not present themselves beautifully on the plate (they look like “hash”), but taste great and really add fuel to the fire for a cold day.

Kale and Potato Hash

Serving Size: 4


  • 500 grams potatoes, peeled and boiled
  • 500 grams kale, washed and chopped
  • 2 large onions , chopped
  • 2 tbs. oil
  • 3-4 tbs. vinegar
  • 2 tbs. sugar
  • salt & pepper
  • cayenne
  • nutmeg
  • tofu sausage (optional)


  1. Wash and peel the potatoes and boil. While they are cooking wash and chop the kale. Remove the thick stem also before chopping.
  2. Saute the onions in the oil. Add the salt pepper and vinegar and sugar.
  3. To this mixture add the kale. When the potatoes are cooked, drain them and add to the kale.
  4. Using a fork mash them in large chunks into the kale and mix the entire combination together.
  5. Season to taste with salt and pepper and a dash of nutmeg and cayenne.
  6. This meal is traditionally served with sweet pickles and pearl onions on the side.
  7. Optionally serve it with a tofu sausage.
  8. One makes a bite of a piece of pickle or onion with the kale mixture.
  9. With a salad and whole grain bread this meal tastes great and is very warming on a cold night.