We made this delicious soup last week, honoring the Southern tradition of having black-eyed peas (beans) on New Year’s Day. This is a delicious and nutritious soup and we will be having it more often throughout the winter months.

Parsnip and Blackeyed Bean Soup

The soup has many great vegetables: parsnips, carrots, leafy greens, onions as well as the black-eyed peas, and uses sea vegetables like kombu to make the stock rather than vegetable bouillon.
The recipe is from Vegan Rustic Cooking, Through the Seasons by Diana White. We came across the book through the Vegan Organic Network. The cook book has many basic, useful recipes and it is interesting that soups and other recipes use various edible seaweeds. There are no photos in the book, but there are some nice drawings of various fruits and vegetables. Many of the 160 recipes are traditional, standard vegan fare, yet, there are some unusual and interesting recipes that we had not come across before. We are looking forward to cooking some more from this book.