Apple Pierogi with Caramel and Macerated Raspberries

I wish I could lay claim to these, they are fantastic, but the credit all goes to Dan Remark of the Mustard Seed Market & Cafe, Akron, Ohio. He posted this Eastern European recipe on the “Restaurants and Institutions” Blog. I had been looking for some unusual apple recipes to offer the Vegalicious fans and found this one. It is a real treat. It’s really not that hard to make and I will say, the macerated (soaked in alcohol) raspberries added a really nice dimension. You could use any tart berry. It was very easy to veganize by substituting the 1 egg with egg replacer, and I admit to “cheating by using instant vegan mashed potato flakes for the dough, it made the dough perfectly, and quick and easy to make. I do hope you give this recipe a try, it is very special: (unfortunately not available any longer)