This was a colorful and delicious salad, including the nutritious forbidden rice.

This salad from Closet Cooking was not only delicious, but very nutritious. It is easy to make and the instructions are simple to follow. The only thing different that I did was to make my own vegan “fish” sauce using 2 kinds of seaweed, ground to a powder, some lime juice, lemon juice, garlic, ginger, chili soy sauce and water. The recipe made enough for four people, or two to enjoy the next day.
Although Kevin’s “Closet Cooking” blog is not vegetarian or vegan, he does include many good healthy recipes that are, and many others that are easy to veganize. Kevin has a wonderful sense of blending mixtures and flavors which result in very tasty recipes. We hope you make some of your own vegetarian fish sauce, and give this recipe a try, it’s really nice.