These are the real thing (vegan of course). Mihl of the Seitan is My Motor blog did a great job with these pancakes.

German Pancakes with Chestnut Mousse and Chocolate Sauce

They are just like the ones you used to have at IHOP. They are fluffier than a crepe and with more substance, but not so thick and bready as the typical American pancakes. In Germany they are most often enjoyed with filled applesauce or braised apples, then dusted with powdered sugar. I also like them sprinkled with lemon juice and the powdered sugar. We enjoyed these filled with a sweet chestnut puree and chocolate sauce drizzled on top. The secret to Mihl’s recipe is both the soy flour and the mineral water.

Soon check back at Vegalicious for the recipe for the chestnut filling and chocolate sauce. We have another exciting recipe that uses them also.