This is a very quick and easy soup to make. We enjoyed it on a cold winter’s day.

Tomato Artichoke Soup

Serving Size: 4


  • 1 can (28 ounce) tomatoes
  • 1 can (15 ounce) water packed artichoke hearts
  • 1 onion, chopped.
  • 2 tablespoons oil
  • 1 clove garlic, minced
  • 3 bay leaves
  • splash lemon juice
  • 1 cup water
  • freshly milled lemon pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon oregano
  • 1 teaspoon basil
  • 3 tablespoons plain soy yogurt

Tomato Artichoke Soup


  1. Chop the onion and mince the garlic.
  2. Heat the oil in a large soup pot.
  3. Add the onion and garlic and saute until soft.
  4. Add the tomatoes, water and bay leaves.
  5. Add the artichokes and the water they are in (reserve 3 artichokes to use as garnish.
  6. Add the splash of lemon juice, basil and oregano.
  7. When the soup has come to a boil, remove from the heat.
  8. Remove the bay leaves and puree the soup. (I use and immersion blender).
  9. Add the soy yogurt and mix well into the soup.
  10. Taste the soup and season with additional salt and some lemon pepper.
  11. Carefully slice he remaining artichokes in quarters.
  12. Serve the soup, dusted with some freshly ground lemon pepper and a few artichoke pieces.