We found this delicious recipe posted by Sharon123 on Food.com. It was our first venture in making a solid homemade cheese alternative. It was delicious and we enjoyed it very much, but we considered more of a vegan mozzarella style cheese.

Caprese Salad

Because of the mild flavor and its  consistency it seemed much more like mozzarella. Which is really really great, because now we can enjoy one of our favorite appetizers the Caprese Salad. We have so missed having this delicious salad and now we can have it again.

The recipe makes two “wheels”. We used our homemade soy milk for the recipe and some ground almonds for the “crust”. We enjoyed the first wheel with a wonderful fresh French baguette, homemade rhubarb-cherry chutney and of course a nice red wine.

Brie Cheeze

That was delicious. It was while we were enjoying that first wheel that we came up with the idea of using it for the Caprese Salad. I must admit tonight we tasted a bit of heaven enjoying the second wheel used as mozzarella, with fresh tomatoes a basil leaf and some really fine virgin olive oil. It’s very easy to make the “vegan brie” recipe, we hope you give it a try and enjoy it.