Today on World Pasta Day we had ‘Zucchini, lemon and chili tagliatelle‘, a recipe from the site of Waitrose, which is a chain of supermarkets in the United Kingdom.

For this meal I picked the last zucchini of the year and put the vine on the compost heap.  On the one hand it made be sad but on the other hand I saved plenty of organic seeds from it for next year, and we enjoyed this really tasty dinner. We will do this again next year as soon as the zucchinis are ready! I guess that’s the fun part, always looking forward to next year’s crop.  Meanwhile we do have a lot of nice pumpkins and many more Vegalicious recipes to come. It’s going to be a good winter. This recipe makes a very nice dinner or light supper. It is easy to follow and quick to make. I added a sweet bell pepper, cut into strips but otherwise followed the instructions.